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Who are the Dragryi?

The Dragyri are as strange as they are formidable, by human standards. They are actually composed of two separate species that long ago began to regard themselves as a single race separated only by a class distinction. The greater of these two species is referred to as Trueborn, and rule Dragyri society. They average over three meters tall, heavily muscled and powerful warriors. The Trueborn have only three primary concerns in life: martial mastery, focus of spirit, and personal honor. The species has a complex and ritualistic system of etiquette, and any infringement against the rules of this etiquette will often be regarded as grounds for a duel to the death in the name of honor. Even their rules of combat have layers of etiquette. The Trueborn will take trophies of their victories against a worthy opponent, taking the jawbone of a fallen foe. In rare instances, they will even keep the entire head as a trophy, the ultimate honor that can be accorded a worthy opponent. The Dragyri are incredibly graceful, skilled warriors, moving with a fluidity of motion and degree of dexterity that is truly astounding for creatures of their size. When not practicing their martial skills, they spend long hours studying the ways of Focus, whereby they learn to use their latent psychic abilities. Those truly adept in the ways of Focus are capable of creating powerful elemental effects with which to punish their enemies. Ages ago, they discovered that a particular type of crystal served as an excellent medium through which to amplify their psychic power, and that crystal has now become the ultimate symbol of wealth and status amongst the Dragyri Trueborn.

Slave Slinger

Slave with spear

Slave Spreader

Ice Elemental
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