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Who are the Forsaken?

When the government and economy of the United Worlds collapsed, all but the most crucial of colonies and outposts were left to fend for themselves. ATTR, with its fringe location, heavy resource requirements, and very expendable population, was never for a moment considered as an essential colony world by the planets of the floundering UW. After one or two sporadic passenger freighters returned to 23A-Q4 to pick up the few influential persons remaining on the planet, communication and transportation with the rest of the galaxy promptly ceased. Having only the most basic of the trappings of civilization and technology, and certainly no capacity for space travel, the humans remaining were forced to fend for themselves as best they could. It didn't take long for someone to coin the nickname Forsaken to describe the remaining population, a grim but fitting piece of wit.


Bane Leader


Coil Leader



Saint Mark

Sister Compassion

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