Welcome to Jennifer and Page's area of NyteCode
Jennifer's son Page was born on the morning of 22 December 2003. It was a very quick delivery. Jennifer was in labor for only 3 and a half hours. Page was a bit of a surprise in that everyone thought Jen was supposed to deliver sometime in early January. She was planning on putting her baby up for adoption and She and Jill had an appointment on the 31st to meet with an attorney. A call was put in to the attorney and we found out that he was on vacation in mexico for Christmas. His partner returned the call and got in contact with Jen and Jill. We found that a couple named Mark and Gina were looking to adopt a baby.
Mark and Gina are from Georgia. They had been in the process of adopting a baby from another woman. They had driven up from Georgia to get the baby but at the last minute the other woman had decided not to put her baby up for adoption. They were getting ready to go back when Jennifer gave birth to Page. The attorney called them and let them know what happened. They quickly finished the trip to Boise.